Why aren’t we healing?

DDD is a continuous condition that needs continuous healing. DDD doesn’t just affect the discs. It affects our mental health, our spirit, our subconscious. It can conditions us.

Why we get it, no one knows for sure, but I wouldn’t put all my eggs in one basket.

I have learnt to heal mine after I realised the reasons for my DDD. Which is a collection of reasons and if I target every reason I have better chances of improving.

I used to sit and wait for doctors to give me a reason. They won’t, because they don’t have one for each case. All they know is to help you manage with what they are trained in and know best, medication (which is not wrong) But that is only one reason!

How about meditation, soothing negative thoughts with meditation to avoid pain to linger. What about celular hydration with adequate dieting to improve the hydration of the discs. What about releasing inner traumas to release attachment to pain. What about changing your mind to a estate of bliss to change the pain. What about your relationship to your medical condition.

There are so many aspects and reasons why pain is there in the first place. From my recent MRI I still have DDD But I now have no pain.

So getting rid of the pain is possible if you target every single reason why you have DDD.

I didn’t use any one gimmick, or taken any one specific supplements . I have done everything that once worked for me, all of the time.


Diet changes


Movement therapy




Released trauma

Mental health therapy

Changed the Pain relationship with my body

Worked on relationships

Work on my relationship with my DDD condition so it didn’t condition me anymore

All of the above applies when trying to heal.

There is not one thing, it is everything!

Work with your body and how it works for you and progress slowly from there. Acknowledging the pain and then taking responsibility for it is a huge first step!

Here to support everyone going through this as I am going through this!

Love to all!


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