How am I conditioning my medical condition and self sabotaging my healing?

Sometimes we can put many conditions and or limiting beliefs upon our medical condition. Some examples:

🎯I will never get better as I have tried everything, how would the next thing help me

🎯My condition is inherited ( not considering other aspects)

🎯When I get better, I’ll be able to do anything I want.

🎯No one knows what I go through every day why bother accepting help

🎯I always get the household sickness.

These are all conditions we put to without even knowing we are doing. It is not wrong! And don’t say to your self right now, -it is not right either, -because it is right.

You are doing for the reasons of what you believe. And that is not wrong or right. However, if you chose a different belief would that be a different condition put upon yourself and your medical condition? Would that be a different outcome ?

Some questions to ask in deep prayer, meditation, light sleep estate and trust that you will know the answer that comes to you?

Ask things like:

🎯what I’m conditioning my self to with my medical condition?

🎯how can I feel happy in my self now and not when the condition is healed ?

Lots of deep questioning is needed to open yourself up to healing.

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