Accept a pain free body slowly, not all at once

We all suffering with pain of any kind will wish for that moment of pain free, so we can take a breath, feel the relief before the pain comes back again.

We endure the pain with everything we have got. And everything we have got is asking for the pain to go.

It is a constant internal battle and conflict between body and mind.

The conflict is deeper then that.

What we think the conflict is body and mind is only on the surface.

Where the conflict is so deep it is blinding to us.


Deep in the subconscious, below body and mind, there is place where everything we have experienced, and felt as an emotional gets recorded.

It will never go away.

Once it is engraved in a part of our brain it will start creating links to new thoughts, new actions, new behaviours still being the source cause of new development on the surface.

We can only see the surface, we can only use that which we can see, feel to be react to it. There is no understanding, it is automatic.

The body and mind will create ways to send you messages of where you are emotionally. These messages come in the form of dis-ease, pain, symptoms.

We all know that our body is over 70% water. We all know that water reacts to different frequencies.

Frequencies can be simply divided into two types of frequencies. Positives and negatives.

In either frequencies there will be several subcategories, to which they are opposites to each other.

Think about anger and love, blame and forgive, joy and despair.

These frequencies will be generated by each emotional and thoughts we experience. The body being 70% water will ressonante these frequencies as they come.

Either negative or positive.

The same way a positive frequency generates a healthy, harmonic body, the negative frequencies will generate a unhealthy and imbalanced body.

We are a body of cells with infinite ways to react to a stimulus for infinite reasons.

We can’t guarantee or predict how one will react. What we can expect is that our body will play the frequencies we generate or experience. By understanding this process we can start to create ways of generating positive frequencies that revert the negative frequencies effect on the body.

But first, we need to understand what is in the subconscious as the source of the thoughts and emotions on the surface.

We often don’t know why we do things the way we do. And that is because for example if fear is in our subconscious, then for every moment that you need to be confident, fear will get in the way. But you don’t know why you fear something.

Could have been fear at a time in your childhood that you experienced being left alone and you feared for your life? Therefore, that fear, that first exposure to the emotion of fear got engraved in your subconscious and from that moment on you acted, behaved and thought with those frequencies without even knowing ?

Generating layers and layers of beliefs on top of that baseline fear first ever experienced as a child.

Now once in the subconscious it is there and it will be there.

The memory will be there.

What is associated with the memories, thoughts, behaviours, emotions and beliefs can be changed to the opposite positive frequencies.

Do you know why you have two memories of something bad that have happened to you and one memory you can think about it and not experience emotions coming up, and another memory brings up all the emotions?

Because somehow you have managed to work the experience in a more positive way therefore that experience will not bring you the negative emotions of it.

Have you ever wondered?

When emotions are inside us, perpetuating itself with thoughts, beliefs, action, triggers, and reactions in similar situations our body perpetuates the negative frequencies and replicate this in symptoms, dis-ease, and pain.

Did you know that each symptom, dis-ease and pain has its own frequency.

Your body is speaking to you, every-time a negative frequency is activated within you.

Unknowingly or knowingly!

Looking within the subconscious and changing the frequency of a memory that will always be there will instantly change the dis-ese’s frequency to a positive one. In another words, you change the frequency, you change the physical symptom.

This needs to be done slowly until your limiting beliefs are dropped so that you can believe that you can heal.

When you are in pain, you wish it to go away instantly. But if I sit right there in front of you and say you can stop the pain instantly, would you believe it?

If you’re answer is no, I wouldn’t believe it, then this advice is for you.

“Accept a pain free body slowly, not all at once”.

You have work to do in the subconscious memories, find what they are, and change their frequency. The body will send you a message of “thank you ever so much”!

Love ❤️

Light ⭐️🌈

Laugh 😇


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