Here’s What You Can Expect

Before you’re admitted to Soothe Your Body and Back Pain Classes or 1 TO 1, a questionnaire is necessary to be completed to allow your physiotherapist get to know you better. You may want to contact the physio, direct, to have your queries answered pre-registration. You only need to register and become a member to the website and complete the questionnaire once. Once a member, you will be able to purchase tickets for your class as often as you like. 

Bring to the class, a floor mat, a yoga belt, a small head cushion and water. Please drink 1 L of water before each class, during and after, totaling 3 L plus your normal fluid intake for the day. The classes are limited to ten participants to ensure 1 to 1 attention during the class. You may pay online or pay in cash but first reserve to garantee your spot online via the booking page.