How was Soothe Your Back Pain created

I help people suffering from chronic body pain to understand their core issue so that they can enjoy doing the things they love the most being pain free. My work purpose is to educate, bring awareness and to uncover the reasons why their body is screaming in pain for help.
I embarked myself on an healing journey from a very depressed, unhappy, PTSD, carrying beliefs that were limiting my own growth, unworthy background and withholding lots of chronic physical ailments automimmune desease and body and back pain. 
I manifested this program by combining all the diffrent modalities I use to heal my patients along side energy healing and meditation. 
I also work with energy to assist people ignite their own healing capabilities to be the best version of themselves. This movement therapy class is safe to do it when in pain because it is gentle and is guided by me with 1 to 1 attention to assit you in soothing your body and back pain.  
Guided mediation for pain reduction, self awareness, energy healing, physiotherapy management, trigger pointing therapy, reflexology, spiritual kinesiology, taping therapy and soon, EFT therapy are some of the modalities used during the sessions.